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Alameda Adjustable Bar Stool Chrome and Black

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Sleek and compact, this handsome bar stool enhances even the smallest of spaces with an edge of contemporary flair. Its understated elegance easily matches with most any style of decor. The crisp, clean lines of its modern silhouette combine pleasingly with the classic tufting of its plush, leather-like seats. A shiny, silvery chrome finish adds an appealing touch of polish. This versatile stool is easily adjustable to accommodate the height of any table or counter, upgrading any living space with comfort and convenience.

* Sleek and compact design adds contemporary flair to small spaces
* Classic tufting and leather-like seats provide understated elegance
* Crisp, clean lines of modern silhouette combined with shiny, silvery chrome finish
* Easily adjustable to accommodate any table or counter height
* Comfort and convenience upgrade any living space
* Upholstery: Black leatherette
* Metal finish: Chrome


Height 32.5
Width 17.75
Length 17